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I went to a function yesterday and I couldn't help but notice the 16 year old School boy in front of me. He had a fantastic jacket and tie, pressed shirt, clean haircut... But, he also had ill fitting and crushed trousers with shoes that not only weren't polished but looked more suited to a clown. Now there's many 16 year old boys that look like that. Then there's many that dress and behave perfectly all day every day. I don't know this young man and probably never will but I've now spoken about him behind his back and shared my perception.

Do you know what your customers are saying about your brand behind your back? Do you know how you're perceived in the market? Are you; expensive, cheap, fast, slow, high quality, average quality....? At Expressway Signs our job is to make you look great so that your customers and potential customers perceive your brand in a positive light thus ensuring you get their business. It isn't rocket science. If your building signage or vehicle graphics look old and tardy then people will perceive your business the same way I perceived the young man mentioned above. Now a young man can be forgiven for the above. Kids grow up, learn and thrive. A business is no different. Is your business thriving?

If you need help with your image then Expressway Signs is the market leader in FNQ with respect to Signage and Printing. Call us for an obligation free quote 07 4035 4113.

Matthew Connolly
GM Expressway Signs & Printworks
Sign News
Advertising gets benched under proposed laws

A Cairns business says a change to advertising laws raised by Cairns Regional Council will force them to shut down after more than twenty years in the community.

But an industry lobby group has slammed the proposed laws as 'anti-competitive' and threatened legal action if they are approved.

Roadside Advertising North Queensland provide and maintain 120 street benches throughout Cairns.

The benches - which feature advertising from more than 30 small businesses - will be removed should Council adopt changes to 'Local Law No. 4'.

Under the law, 'off-site advertising' such as street benches will be prohibited unless 'on a not for profit basis'.

In response, the Outdoor Media Association have urged Council to make amendments to the drafted laws or face possible litigation.

"If this provision does allow Council to install otherwise prohibited advertising devices and potentially gain revenue from their display, the OMA will conduct further consultation on the legality of what appears to be an anti-competition clause," the submission to Council reads.


Information Corner
Ten Attributes of a Successful Sign Business

1. People
Having staff you can rely on, who are motivated and able, is clearly the number one key to success.

Good, reliable equipment is listed as being essential to building and running a sign and print business. Pay extra for quality because it saves you money in the long term.

Regular Maintenance
Regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment is essential to keep printers, cutters, extractors, lasers, engravers and routers running at their optimum.

4. Keep Track for the Industry
In addition to technical training, keeping up to date with industry trends, technology and events and matters.

5. Systems and Procedures
Getting systems and procedures structure correct is imperative to business success.

Being proactive in the promotion of your business. This doesn't mean spending a fortune on advertising, it means getting out there and telling the right people about the services you offer.

Great Customer Service
Great customer service will certainly help you build your business and create a name for yourself.

Source: Visual Impact Magazine
What Our Customers Say About Us
At Expressway Signs & Printworks, your opinion is important!

Our customers love us so much they use Adjectives such as; BEAUTIFUL, LOVE, FABULOUS and WONDERFUL. Check it our below!

Email us today and share your impression.

Some awesome feedback from our fantastic clients.
Richard at Field Construct talks about Expressway Signs and Printworks and the working relationship that we have together.
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  Why employees love working at
Expressway Signs and Printworks
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Special Offer
Free stickers to promote your premises!

We have teamed up with GBR Helicopters Australia to roll out the red carpet to our friends from China, as they look forward to celebrating Chinese New Year 2016 'The Year of the Monkey'. So we are giving away free stickers to promote your premises.

Click here to find out how to claim your FREE sticker.

Did you know all our quotations are obligation free?

So why are you hesitating? E-mail us or call us at 4035 4113
Community News
Supporting AFL in Cairns

This past 2 months Expressway Signs is proud to announce we have extended our relationship with AFL in Cairns. Not only do we have a new deal in place with AFL Cairns to support the A grade and Reserves runners but also we are now providing sponsorship to the North Cairns Tigers Juniors, Centrals Trinity Breach Juniors, and the South Cairns Cutters Juniors.

We are very proud to be supporting grassroots footy in the Far North.
Recent Work
First Vehicle of 2016 for Placid Pools. Click to watch video
 We LOVE the colour in this design of C & K   Property Shop loves their new vehicle signage
On a light note...
Buchan & Hartley Sts, Cairns | P 4035 4113 | E |
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