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Has anyone missed the wet season this year? I wake up almost everyday and I'm amazed at yet another beautiful clear day. Although something tells me it can't last. Is your business or house prepared for a late wet season?

Some exciting news this month. Last week we installed the latest and greatest Latex ink printer. Some might remember that we were the second company in Australia to adopt Latex printing. Now there are literally maybe 1,000 of these machines in Australia punching out high quality images using Latex Ink. Latex Ink has significant advantages over solvent inks when considering the environment. We are very proud to have led the way in Australia with this technology and we will continue to support technology that not only produces great work but also reduces the impact Expressway Signs and its customers have on the environment.

So in a nut shell all your printing completed at Expressway Signs has the least impact possible on the environment. That's our Social Responsibility and our commitment to you, our customer.

Matthew Connolly
GM Expressway Signs & Printworks
Sign News
Electoral signage: Political tool or neighbourhood pollution?

A Noosa Council election candidate has questioned the need for campaign signage in the age of electronic and social media.

Joe Jurisevic is a sitting councillor seeking re-election who has said he does not have any advertising corflutes spruiking his merits for another term.

"I thought we'd gone into the electronic age and social media was the way, and I thought that was a better way to engage with the public," he said.

Councillor Jurisevic called the countless election placards sprawling Sunshine Coast roundabouts, school entrances and median strips "an abomination", rather than an inspiration to vote for a particular candidate.

"Does a smiling face on a corflute sign a hundred times over a couple of hundred metres on a roadside that distracts drivers from concentrating on the roadway - is that the way to do things?"

Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters was also critical of excessive campaign signage, calling it "visual pollution".

"At the moment, there's a massive proliferation of them and particularly on polling day," Senator Waters said.

"You walk up to a booth and find those awful big plastic 'bunting' [as] they call it - those long sheets that probably end up in the marine environment at some point; a complete waste."

Despite sharing these environmental concerns, University of Queensland journalism and computer science lecturer Dr Daniel Angus said candidates would be naive to dismiss all tradition forms of campaigning.

"I think those who are running the most effective campaigns are those who are using a multitude of materials," Dr Angus said.

Dr Angus said social media does not always allow candidates to disseminate a distilled political message, as the ability for a discourse and discussion means candidates can sometimes lose control.

Information Corner
The Advantages of Digital Signage

Higher efficiency at engaging consumers: One of the biggest benefits of digital signage is its efficiency at engaging consumers. A frequently cited blog shows that 59 percent of consumers who came into contact with digital signage wanted to learn more about the advertised topic. Though this engagement comes with higher implementation costs than traditional signage, the benefits make it a worthwhile and a defensible investment.

Cheaper: Once the initial investment is made, businesses gain a reusable resource that serves them for years. These options are expensive at first, but offer a much higher ROI than traditional signage.

Faster: The process of acquiring traditional signs is lengthy and bogged down by lengthy creation elements such as design, development and distribution. Digital signage can be programmed in a fraction of the time, and easily adjusted to reflect updates. These displays can be ideal for information-based applications, such as in hospitals, where the medical status of each patient is subject to constant change and the information presented must be kept current.
Lower risk: Traditional signs depend on accuracy even the slightest typo can make a huge order of marketing materials or consumer handouts worthless. Digital options can be adapted and adjusted on the fly to present up-to-the-minute information. It gives advertisers nearly unlimited flexibility with their displays, and can help publicly-funded organisations (such as schools or churches) promote their services without needing to constantly reorder traditional sign materials. This feature alone creates numerous digital signage opportunities for sign shops.

Reduced environmental impact: Digital signage has less impact on the environment and when factoring in personalised organic reach, you have a digital option that may one day render old-fashioned signage obsolete.

What Our Customers Say About Us
At Expressway Signs & Printworks, your opinion is important!

Our customers love us so much they use adjectives such as; BEAUTIFUL, LOVE, FABULOUS and WONDERFUL. Check it our below!

Email us today and share your impression.

Some awesome feedback from our fantastic clients.
Tony McInnes from Fuji Xerox Business Centre Cairns talks about Expressway Signs
Click here to watch
  Lovely words from Eric van Eeghen of Telequip about Expressway Signs and Printworks
Click here to watch

Special Offer
Special Offer to Schools and Sporting Clubs!

This month we have a special offer for schools and sporting clubs.

We want to help your school/club stand out from all the rest, so we are offering a special on ALL banners, flags and marquees.
Until the end of the financial year, if you're after a product for a school/club we will give you free design on your product. Take the stress out of trying to find logos or someone who can use photoshop. Let us seamlessly help you improve your school/club brand. We'd love to help!

Did you know all our quotations are obligation free?
Email us or call us at 4035 4113
Did you know all our quotations are obligation free?

So why are you hesitating? Email us or call us at 4035 4113
Community News
Expressway Signs in the Community

It's been another busy couple of months helping the community. This month we've made contributions to The Men's Shed and Cairns District Junior Rugby League. See their comments and the work below. We love contributing positively to the Community.
Message from John King, President, Cairns Men's Shed:

"Hi Matthew,

Just a short note to let you know that the sign was erected today. It really does look fantastic (blush) and it certainly stands out. My car broke down tonight and I had to wait for an hour for a friend to help me start it. I was amazed at the number of cars that slowed down as they passed the sign. I think a lot of people found the Cairns Men's Shed for the first time.

We're very busy at present, but as soon as we can get a decent photo with our members standing around the sign, I'll withhold our formal vote of thanks to your wife, your company and yourself.

In the meantime, many thanks for the wonderful service and a fantastic donation."
Message from Cairns District Junior Rugby League:

"A big thank you to Matthew and Emma from Expressway signs and Printworks for their generosity in providing a bursary for the Cairns and District Junior Rugby League. The Bursary/Scholarship is to enable those young men who have the skills and determination to make representative Junior Rugby League but are not fortunate enough to be in a position to afford to attend. This bursary will assist in giving these young men the ability to attend to their representative duties without undue financial stress being placed on their families."
Recent Work
The Reject Shop's new store is now open at Smithfield with impressive signage
 New signage at Danbulla area   New signage for Cafe Fresq
On a light note...
So, what is this place?
My least favourite style of Chicken   Church sign of the month
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